T-Shirt Evangelism

A t-shirt might seem an unlikely evangelistic tool, but a survey commissioned by Kerusso, the No. 1 provider of Christian-themed apparel and gifts, shows the power of a simple message well worn. The Christian Apparel Faith & Motivational Research Report, a 2009 survey, shows that.

  • More than half - 56.8 percent - of survey respondents who wore Christian Witnessing apparel report that at least one person with no personal faith in Christ asked about the garment’s message.
  • Almost half - 44.4 percent - said that while wearing a Christian-themed t-shirt, they had shared their faith.
  • 4 percent of respondents said that they were able to lead someone to the Lord because of a conversation that was started by the message on their t-shirt.
  • Of nonbelievers who entered a conversation based on a shirt’s message, 7.4 percent made a decision for Christ.
  • Fully 98 percent of survey respondents said they hoped the messaged apparel would grab the attention of someone without a similar faith.

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