Canvas Cross Christian Cap ™

Last Chance! Product will be discontinued when sold out.

This rugged Kerusso cap not only looks great with anything in your wardrobe, but it boldly represents Jesus. For some people, the cross may just be a fashion symbol, but you have experienced the power of the cross through a relationship with Jesus.

You know first-hand what John 3:16 means. You know that God loves you and because of that love, He sent His one and only son to die for your sins. And because of the love, He has for you, you now have the honor of telling others about Jesus and His sacrifice.

Each time you put this hat on, whether you are bumming around town or working on your chore list, you will carry the message of Jesus with you. Don’t miss a chance to proclaim the Gospel. You may be the person that God uses to lead someone into a relationship with Him just because a conversation happened as a result of your cap.

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